You are about to discover an ACTUAL SOLUTION for achieving a fit, lean, sleek, strong, sexy physique WITHOUT starving yourself OR spending countless hours struggling in the gym!

We need to warn you though… it’s A LOT simpler than you may think!




Have you ever felt like you’re in a constant merry-go-round of needing to get in shape or lose body fat?

Either summer’s coming, it’s time again for that good ol’ New Years resolution or a special event in your life is nearing so you decide to go on a “diet”... seem familiar?  

Have you been told to cut down on your carbs or even practically eliminate them and start eating a lot more fats?

How about eating like a caveman or cavewomen… and what the heck does that even mean anyways?!

Don’t even get me started on making sure you’re exercising for YOUR specific body type and doing the proper type of cardio (LISS vs. HIIT) so you’re not just wasting your time.

In addition to these very minor frustrations...(clearly I’m kidding) let’s throw in the need to food prep each week so rest assured you eat the proper “healthy” foods each day AND at the right times.

After all, you don’t want to skip meals or eat the "wrong" food because it may slow down your metabolism and go directly into your fat cells… right?

Rather than stopping here and since your schedule really isn’t “that busy” (again... kidding!), what about all the different suggestions regarding training frequency?

I mean…

The more you exercise, the quicker you’ll get in shape and lose body fat… Right?

You see…
In theory that might sound correct, but I can assure you of something with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY…

Your body (and mine too) DOES NOT respond to situations or stimuli based on theory. We’re not some robotic machines with a few moving parts that somehow miraculously work flawlessly when plugged in or simply filled with fuel (gasoline, diesel, petro...whatever!)
It’s not quite that simple.


Our bodies are extremely complex, dynamic structures that have all kinds of things happening at cellular levels that most people couldn’t even begin to comprehend...nor would ever want to for that matter.
And this right here inlies where much of the confusion begins and ends...

Due to our very complex human bodies and how no two are the exact same, someone somewhere (many people actually) decided it was a good idea to start throwing out all kinds of different ideas, theories and strategies to see which ones catch on, stick and possibly even work.    

Now, just so there is not further confusion and incase you haven’t figured it out yet…

I could keep going on and on and on and on and on… (alright I’ll stop) with different suggestions, recommendation, strategies, tactics and theories about what different gurus and so called fitness & weight loss experts say it takes to get in shape, lose weight or gain muscle but I’m sure by now you already heard most of them.

In fact, I just mentioned a bunch of them if you were paying attention to what you just read...

But even if you weren’t and haven’t heard of them, I’m not about to bring them to light now.

So… what’s my point?

All these different “ideas” on how to get in shape makes things EXTREMELY CONFUSING!

And rightfully so...

But your confusion will no longer go unnoticed or be ignored.

Heck, even we get confused sometimes by some of the stuff that gets thrown out there as so called “science” when in fact... it’s NOT!

Rest assured though…

We’re NOT ONLY going to put an end to your confusion, but we’re also going to simplify things for you.

Getting in shape, losing body fat and building muscle is actually WAY SIMPLER & MUCH EASIER than you may think, have read, have heard, have witnessed, have been taught or even have tried, regardless of all the different strategies, recommendations and theories available to you.  

For these reasons, and I’m sure a few more, we’ve put together a COMPLETE program designed specifically for a woman to achieve the body she wants with MUCH more ease than ever thought possible!

Not only a program that is simple but one that will actually provide sustainable results like you have NEVER achieved before...up to this point!

Results that will make you wonder why it felt so complicated in the past.

What if there is a program that...

  • Will clear up all the confusion?
  • Will provide the required insite needed to allow your body fat to melt off and muscle to be developed (in the proper areas)?
  • Will teach you how to achieve the body you have dreamed of WITHOUT spending most days of the week in the gym?
  • Will free up your time from hours of meal prepping each week?
  • Will allow you to maintain an actual social life?
  • Will NOT ONLY improve your body and overall health, but also your confidence while you get in the best shape of your life?
  • Will provide sustainable results WITHOUT the need to ever go on a “diet” again?

Reality AND science proves…

You don’t have to choose between the body you want and the food you love.

You CAN have both… (and that is NOT a joke)!

Welcome to the Princess Warrior program!

A complete nutrition & workout system that was developed to allow women to achieve the body they dream of all while being able to maintain a normal social life.

Yes… a program that will FINALLY unlock the code you have searched for and worked so hard to find. Something that not only works and is extremely doable, but most importantly… ENJOYABLE!!!

This is accomplished by applying a couple key principles and strategies that the mainstream weight loss & fitness industry tends to not share or just plain old gets wrong.

1. Providing your body proper nourishment...without the need to give up your favorite foods or treats.

2. Exercising intelligently.

When done correctly, there is no need to deprive yourself of certain foods you love or spend countless days & hours in the gym. That is completely unnecessary and only makes it harder on you both physically and mentally.

Our goal is to make everything simple, sustainable and most of all…ENJOYABLE!

With this program you'll be able to:

  • Eat the foods you love while still losing fat.
  • Enjoy going out without stressing over what you can and can't eat or drink.
  • Enjoy your food without any quilt.
  • Build a fit, firm, tone, sleek & sexy body.
  • Exercise only 3 days a week to achieve amazing results.
  • Enjoy your life without stressing over your “diet”.
  • Learn how to maintain your results for the rest of your life!

Welcome To Your New Slim & Fit Physique!

Inside the Princess Warrior program you will learn...

Part 1: Princess Warrior Mindset

  • What It Takes To Achieve A Slim, Fit Body & 
  • Why It’s Different For Women
  • Why So Many Do It Wrong

Part 2: Princess Warrior Physique

  • Why Strength Training
  • The Best Exercises For Building A Slim, Fit & Toned Body

Part 3: Princess Warrior Workout Plan

  • Logic Behind the Program
  • The Complete Workout Program
  • How To Accelerate Fat Loss

Part 4: Princess Warrior Nutrition

  • Your Proper Caloric Needs For Your Goal
  • Guidelines To Mastering Your Macros
  • Determining Your Caloric Needs
  • Creating Your Meal Plan
  • Importance Of Leptin (Your Fat Burning Hormone)
  • Flexible Eating  

Part 5: Wrapping It All Together

  • BONUS:
    Macro food list


Princess Warrior Video Vault

LIFETIME access to this program to receive every update added to the content such as videos of specific exercise routines, a complete exercise vault/library and more...  

If you’re ready to END your…

  • Cycle of being in and out of shape
  • Days in the kitchen meal prepping
  • Countless hours of training
  • Eating “diet” foods
  • Lack of a social life due to your “diet” and training schedule
  • Confusion ONCE & FOR ALL

All of this for ONLY $67

Your Slim, Fit & Toned Body Is Waiting For You!


So who am I anyways and why should you listen to anything I say?

Well, I’m glad you asked! Let me introduce myself. My name is Ryan. Surname...Ebling. So put it together and that’s right...Ryan Ebling. To be a bit more serious for just a brief moment, I am the creator of the Princess Warrior Program and cofounder of Complete Body Labs, a site dedicated to providing high quality products and services to help men and women achieve optimal wellness as well as build lean, sexy, muscular, head turning physiques. I’m a certified fitness & weight loss specialist and former consultant for a multimillion-dollar weight loss company. Both myself, along with my absolute, ridiculously beautiful, drop dead gorgeous wife (yup…I hit a grand slam in that area of my life), Lydia (pronounced Li-dee-uh)...just in case there was some confusion and you were wondering, have created programs and developed products that have helped thousands of individuals achieve significant weight loss, body fat reduction and increased muscle mass all leading to improved health, sexier physiques and increased confidence. Together we have taken our personal experiences and knowledge learned over the past 20+ years (not so young anymore) and poured it into providing high quality research backed (science based) products and highly effective workout programs combined with nutritional strategies that make losing body fat, gaining muscle and achieving your ideal physique, not only achievable but also sustainable and  ABSOLUTELY MOST OF ALL…ENJOYABLE!!

What makes Princess Warrior Different?

It’s not designed to get you in shape for only a specific event, time or season. The principles you learn provide lasting results...LIFETIME actually!    

There is NO need to give up your favorite foods. 

What if I can’t eat certain foods?

The program is simple and can be followed even if you’re gluten-free, dairy free, meat free, soy free, corn free, etc…  

You have 100% control over the foods you eat each day so you eat what YOU enjoy!  

Do I have to have a gym membership?

No...but having access to some weights is important.
However, if possible… having a dedicated area (like a gym) would be helpful.  

Do I have to eliminate certain foods or alcohol?

Believe it or! (You LIKE to eat! We get it...So do we!)

Obviously you want to avoid foods you’re intolerant to as much as possible… (kind of  goes without saying but I said it anyways)

You can forget about cutting carbs, eating boring food and meal prepping for the week...unless you like it, which might be strange but to each their own. No judging here. ;-) However, there is NO need for it when applying the proper strategies.

I don’t have a lot of time so can I still do this?

Achieving the body you want should become part of your lifestyle, not the entire focus of your life.
This program will actually free up your time, help you burn fat and build muscle in the proper areas all while enjoying your meals and having lots of time to live your life.

Btw...who has a lot of time these days? Just making sure I wasn’t missing something.

How long will I have to follow this program?

We’re providing you with a complete plan and strategies you can use for the rest of your life. The best program is not only the one you will stick with but also the one that is enjoyable while providing you the results you want. You won’t be feeling like you’re on a diet...cause you’re not. You’re learning how your body best uses and process the foods you eat along with exercising which is not something anyone should do for only a season or period of time. 

How much weight (body fat) will I lose?

This depends on your specific goal and what you want to lose in terms of body fat. You'll learn how to design your nutritional plan to provide you more freedom than you may be used to. One in which allows you to enjoy all your favorite foods without having to choose between "perfect" eating or the body you want. You’ll be able to have BOTH! 

You are here for a reason AND your ideal physique awaits you! 

Build your Strength & Sculpt your Beauty

Get Started Now!


Think Long, Think Wrong 


ONLY $67...LET'S GO!

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