There is SO MUCH misinformation out there regarding losing weight, gaining muscle, nutrition tactics, what works and what doesn’t that all have to do with improving your physique and ultimately obtaining the body you want or dream of. 

Well...we are here to let you know that it is WAY SIMPLER & MUCH EASIER than you may think! Especially if you are someone that has tried all kinds of different things that in the end, didn’t work out for you like you had hoped. The confusion is real, and we completely understand why so many of you get frustrated especially after trying different things and not achieving the results you were hoping to achieve or even promised.

Many people feel as if they must food prep each week to make sure they are able to eat the proper “healthy” foods each day and at the right times since they have a busy schedule. Yes, life is very busy. And after all, you don’t want to skip meals or eat the "wrong" food because it may slow down your metabolism…right?

In addition to an already busy schedule, and life in general, you hear all different things about training frequency. I mean...the more you exercise and workout, the quicker you will lose body fat and get in shape...right? 

With all the different thoughts, recommendations, suggestions and tactics out there in the fitness and weight loss industry often provided by so called “experts” & “gurus”, we completely understand the confusion you face when trying to find something that works for you. And not only works but is also sustainable, and dare we throw in there…enjoyable.

For these reasons, we have put together a COMPLETE program designed specifically for women to achieve the body they want with MUCH more ease than ever thought possible! 

A program that is not only simple but will also provide sustainable results like you have NEVER achieved up to this point. Results that will make you wonder why it felt so complicated in the past.


  • A program providing the proper knowledge that will allow your body fat to melt off and the muscle to be developed in the proper areas allowing you to achieve the body of a princess warrior. 
  • A program that not only improves your body, confidence, health and knowledge but also allows you to maintain a real social life while still getting into the best shape of your life. 
  • A program that is the very last program you will ever need because of the science-based information you will gain.

This program will allow you to achieve the body you have dreamed of without the need for killing yourself in the gym 5 or 6 day per week and while still enjoying the foods you love most. There is no more need to have to decide between the body you want or the desserts you love. Believe it or not, you can have both!

And with this program, you will learn exactly how this is possible and what is needed to achieve that body. 

We will warn you though…it’s a lot simpler than you may think! 

This is the closest thing to the holy grail when it comes to being able to lose body fat, muscle gain and maintain a normal social life without the need for giving up the foods you love to eat most!  

Yes…a program that will FINALLY unlock the code you have searched for and worked so hard to find. Something that not only works and is extremely doable, but most importantly...ENJOYABLE!!!

Welcome to the Princess Warrior program! A complete nutrition & workout system that was developed to allow women to achieve the body they dream of all while being able to maintain a normal social life and continuing to enjoy their favorite foods.

This is accomplished by applying a couple key principles and strategies that the mainstream weight loss & fitness industry tends to not share or just plain old gets wrong.

1. You'll learn strength training & cardio  strategies to burn fat and build muscle in key areas allowing for proper symmetry.

2. You'll learn how to design your nutritional plan to provide you more freedom than you may be used to. One in which allows you to enjoy all your favorite foods without having to choose between "perfect" eating or the body you want.

This program will allow you to burn fat and build muscle in the proper areas all while enjoying your meals and having lots of time to live your life. Achieving the body you want should become part of your lifestyle, not the entire focus of your life.

The best diet is not only the one you will stick with but also the one that is most enjoyable while providing you the results you want. A plan and strategy that is something you can and want to follow long term. 

You can forget about cutting carbs, eating boring food and prepping multiple meals for the week or even each day. There is no need for it when applying the proper strategies.

With this program you'll be able to:

  • Eat the foods you love while still losing fat. 
  • Enjoy going out without stressing over what you can and can't eat or drink.
  • Enjoy your food rather than obsess over it.
  • Build a fit, firm, tone, sleek & sexy body.
  • Exercise only 3 days a week to achieve amazing results.
  • Learn what to do for the rest of your life and gain lifetime access to this program. 
  • Receive any and all updates made to this program with unlimited access and no expiration date. 

You are about to discover how to achieve that fit, lean, sleek, strong, sexy princess warrior physique without starving yourself or spending countless hours struggling in the gym!

You will have LIFETIME access to this program and receive EVERY update added to the content such as videos of specific exercise routines, a complete exercise vault/library and more...  

All of this for ONLY $67

You are here for a reason AND your ideal physique awaits you! 

Build your Strength & Sculpt your Beauty

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Ryan  Ebling
Ryan Ebling

About your Instructor

Ryan Ebling is the founder of Complete Body Labs, a site dedicated to providing high quality products and services to help men and women achieve optimal wellness as well as build lean, muscular, head turning physiques. Ryan is a certified fitness & weight loss specialist and former consultant for a multimillion-dollar weight loss company. He has developed products and created programs that have helped hundreds of individuals achieve significant weight loss, body fat reduction and increased muscle mass all leading to improved health and increased confidence. He has taken his personal experiences and knowledge learned over the past 20+ years and is pouring it into providing high quality research backed products and highly effective workout programs combined with nutritional strategies that make losing body fat, gaining muscle and achieving your ideal physique, not only achievable but also sustainable and most of all…enjoyable!


Think Long, Think Wrong 


ONLY $67...LET'S GO!

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