You’re about to discover an ACTUAL SOLUTION to feeling confident & for achieving a fit, lean, sleek, strong, sexy physique WITHOUT starving yourself OR spending countless hours struggling in the gym!

And… it’s A LOT simpler than you may think!

Have you ever said to yourself...

“This week is going to be different. I’m going to follow program X (insert program here)… I’m going to cut down my carbs, not eat fat, only eat clean foods, workout, workout more and/or workout harder”.

And so, you start out and do what we call “white knuckling it” for the week or sometimes few weeks & then lose it. Something would be drawing you into the breaking point & going on a binge - eating whatever in one sitting and then feeling the guilt & shame because you “fell off” and you’ve been taught that basically you’re the problem. You’ve been taught you need to be more committed. Strengthen your willpower.

Then you find yourself thinking...

Why couldn’t I just stick to it? Suck it up & have more discipline or motivation. I just need to be better. Other people can make it work... Why can’t I? Clearly the problem must be me.”

And if you ever had thoughts like that, we hear you… we’ve been there, and we’ve watched our clients go through the same struggle. Start on Monday motivation, will-power, commitment-- this time is going to be different & then it never is. And when this happens all it does is reiterate that “YOU” are the problem. Hear us loud & clear… YOU are NOT the problem!

The problem is not you. You’re not broken. Your metabolism is not broken. You don’t just need to try harder, have more motivation & suck it up!

But let’s talk a little more…

What about those workouts you’re doing? Too many women are doing it wrong. Purchasing and following workouts & programs that are not getting them anywhere. We see you… spending countless hours & days in the gym doing things that are not effective & that are not driving you any closer to the actual goals you have.

Why are you working out anyway? If your goal is to just feel better… Great! There is nothing wrong with that but if you have a specific goal of; cutting body fat, body recomposition, building more muscle, sculpting a specific physique and/or gaining (or uncovering) a six pack by maximizing fat loss... your workout regimen needs to be one that has that in mind.

AND HONESTLY, most are NOT designed that way. They’re not effectively driving you towards building muscle. Just because you lift some weights in your workouts doesn’t mean it’s optimized for building, maintaining and/or laying down lasting muscle to sculpt your physique.

In order to get the results you want, you need to understand the difference between training & exercise and what needs to be in a proper program like sets, reps, resistance, rest between sets, rest days and so on for it to be effective for you to hit YOUR specific goal.

Training is accumulated & specific stress adaptations that produce specific & desired results. If a program is not designed with specific goals to get you stronger, faster, or better conditioned, then it is not training… it’s just exercise which means you’ll simply burn some calories.

Too many women are spending their valuable time & energy doing things that are virtually ineffective when it comes to getting them closer to their goals. That makes us sad because we want to make sure all the valuable time & energy you’re spending with your nutrition & in the gym is driving you closer towards the goals you’re looking to achieve.

You see… In theory what you hear or read in the fitness magazines might sound correct, but we can assure you of something with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY…

Your body (and ours too) DOES NOT respond to situations or stimuli based on theory. We’re not some robotic machines with a few moving parts that somehow miraculously work flawlessly when plugged in or simply filled with fuel (gasoline, diesel, petro…whatever!)

It’s not quite that simple. Instead…

Our bodies are extremely complex, dynamic structures that have all kinds of things happening at cellular levels that most people couldn’t even begin to comprehend... nor would ever want to for that matter.

And this right here inlies where much of the confusion begins & ends... Due to our very complex human bodies and how no two are the exact same, someone somewhere (many people actually) decided it was a good idea to start throwing out all kinds of different ideas, theories & strategies to see which ones catch on, stick & possibly even work.
We could keep going on and on and on and on and on… with different suggestions, recommendation, strategies, tactics & theories about what different gurus and so called fitness & weight loss experts say it takes to get in shape, lose weight or gain muscle but we’re sure by now you already heard most of them.

So… what’s our point?

All these different “ideas” on how to get in shape makes things EXTREMELY CONFUSING & FRUSTRATING!

And rightfully so...

But your confusion & frustration will no longer go unnoticed or be ignored.

That’s when we finally had this epiphany and recognized we were able to break through not only for our own sanity but for the clients we were coaching & mentoring. The problem is you’re trying to fit your unique self into something that is not unique to you. You’re trying to fit into some cookie cutter standard “nutrition & fitness program” and marketing thought process that is full of restrictions & eliminations that is not sustainable and not enjoyable… or even realistic for real life.

So, let’s be clear… It’s not that you need more willpower or discipline. It’s not that you need to try harder.

You need a program that was designed with your UNIQUENESS as the number one priority to address.

Getting in shape, losing body fat & building muscle is actually WAY SIMPLER & MUCH EASIER than you may think, have read, have heard, have witnessed, have been taught or even have tried, regardless of all the different strategies, recommendations & theories available to you.

For these reasons, and we’re sure a few more, we’ve put together a COMPLETE program designed specifically for a woman to achieve the body she wants with MUCH more ease than ever thought possible!

Not only a program that is simple but one that will actually provide sustainable results like you have NEVER achieved before…up to this point!

Results that will make you wonder why it felt so complicated in the past.


What if there is a program that...

  • Will clear up all the confusion?

  • Will provide the required insite needed to allow your body fat to melt off & muscle to be developed (in the proper areas)?

  • Will teach you how to achieve the body you have dreamed of WITHOUT spending most days of the week in the gym?

  • Will free up your time from hours of meal prepping each week?

  • Will allow you to maintain an actual social life?

  • Will provide sustainable results WITHOUT the need to ever go on a “diet” again?

  • Will NOT ONLY improve your body & overall health, but also your CONFIDENCE while you get in the best shape of your life?

Reality AND science proves…

  • You don’t have to choose between the body you want & the food you love.

  • You don’t have to spend countless hours in the gym or do extreme workouts.

  • You CAN have it all… (and that is NOT a joke)!

Yes… a program that will FINALLY unlock the code you have searched for and worked so hard to find. Something that not only works & is extremely doable, but most importantly… ENJOYABLE!!!

This is accomplished by applying our Warriors Blueprint Fundamentals that the mainstream weight loss & fitness industry tends to not share or just plain old gets wrong.

Our goal is to make everything simple, sustainable & most of all… ENJOYABLE!

Your body, Your Goal, Your Lifestyle!


    You have uniqueness that needs to be addressed; age, hormones, gut, your body fat to muscle ratio, current metabolic state, genetic predispositions, strengths/weaknesses, etc... so your plan must take all that into consideration.


    Whether your goal is fat loss, tone up more, gain muscle &/or sculpting your physique, your plan/program needs to address these specific things because the journey for someone that has fifty pounds to lose, to someone that has five pounds to lose, to someone that’s just lost a great amount of weight is going to be different. Food intake is different & your workout, although the same level of intensity, may need to be different. A plan/program to make this happen is going to be a bit unique.


    We all have unique lifestyles that we don’t want to change & that are not negotiable. Things that you’re not willing to give up & you shouldn’t have to unless it’s compromising your health. In the beginning, so often you are willing to give up A LOT for the promise of achieving your goal... but when you get a result from restriction, it becomes difficult to sustain in real life ultimately becoming less, or even not at all, worth the effort. So, the process must be enjoyable for it to really be effective & sustainable. If the process is not enjoyable, … it’s not sustainable. We’ve seen it for years.

With this program you will:

  • Learn the role of Nutrition & Macronutrients to your specific metabolic state.

  • Create your own personalized Menu Plan.

  • Get specifically designed workout routines to maximize your results without wasting your time & efforts to sculpt the physique you want.

  • Accelerate not only your body transformation but transform your health through proper implementation of intermittent fasting with your workouts to reset your metabolic system, charge up your metabolic hormones & support or increase your muscle mass.

  • Address the root cause of your self-sabotage, internal dialogue and learn how to break out, break free & develop new winning dialogue & behaviors.

  • Learn how to make proper adjustments as you progress and take in the data along with your body's feedback to measure, monitor & adjust.

The Warrior Way Blueprint is 6 fundamentals that will accelerate your results & put you 100% in the drivers' seat.

  • Macro-Nutrition

    #1: We take you through understanding the roll of nutrition, calories & macros and busting through marketing myths & nutritional rules that have kept you in the frustration of the endless diet treadmill. We will teach you how to identify your proper caloric intake based on your current metabolic state, your specific goal & by really leveling it up, teaching you exactly how to set your macros that will be the game changer for your body transformation.

  • Customize Lifestyle

    #2: Designing YOUR OWN personal customized meal plan. Taking your unique caloric needs & your macro numbers to create a lifestyle that will take in account your personal food preferences, your body & specific health needs that is not only effective but most importantly… enjoyable, because you designed it & set your own rules.

  • Workouts Programs

    #3: Specifically designed workout routines to maximize your results without wasting your time & efforts to sculpt the physique you want. How to accelerate not only your body transformation but transform your health through proper implementation of intermittent fasting with your workouts to reset your metabolic system, charge up your metabolic hormones and support or increase your muscle mass.  

  • Retraining Your Brain

    #4: We will teach you how to identify & overcome the top 5 forms of self–sabotage & disruptive internal dialogue that’s different for women & men… but if you don’t identify & remove them, you will continue down the road of - commit, try, fail & then start over again cycle. And if you found yourself in that cycle before of trying & failing, trying & failing it’s because more than likely you’re holding onto a self-sabotaging behavior. One of the big things we do is address the root cause of self-sabotage, internal dialogue & coach you through how to break out and develop a new winning dialogue & behaviors.  

  • Measure, Monitor & Adjust

    #5: We will teach you how to take data driven action in adjusting your nutritional macro needs & workouts because the body is dynamic, not static. You can influence your results by making the right adjustments, but most people have no clue how to look at the data and decide when the right time is or even if you should adjust it. You need to know when to adjust your macros, which macros to adjust, when to increase or reduce your calories and so on…   You will learn how to make proper adjustments taking in the data along with your bodies feedback to measure, monitor & adjust. And as you progress & advance through your journey, your goals will change & so your bodies needs will change – calories, macros & fitness. By fully understanding this process we’re setting you up for life. Never having to jump from program to program or having to get “back on track” again because you’re 100% in control with knowing how to effectively measure, monitor & adjust.

  • Coaching & Community

    #6: And to add to the content & tools, you have a community of like-minded men & women empowering and supporting you along with our unique coaching that really makes all the difference in the world. Remember, you can have all the knowledge but until you effectively apply it to yourself & your journey, you’re going to have a hard time being successful. There’s never been a winning sports team or athlete in history that didn’t have high level coaches with an effective playbook… and that’s us (Ryan & Lydia). Within the community Ryan & Lydia reguarly give exercise feedback, mindset coaching, share food/macros recipes, support, inspiration, and always make it fun.


  • Enjoy going out without stressing over what you can & can't eat or drink.

  • Enjoy your food without ANY quilt.

  • Build a fit, firm, tone, sleek & sexy body.

  • Train only 3 days a week & achieve amazing results.

  • Enjoy your life without stressing over your “diet”.

  • Break self-sabotaging behaviors.

  • Learn to LOVE the body you have while working towards the body you want.

  • Finally, BREAK FREE of the endless diet treadmill of commit- try- fall apart- start all over again.

Are you ready? Ready to never have to jump from program to program or have to get “back on track” again because you’re 100% in control.



Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome To Your New Slim & Fit Physique!

    • Getting Started On The Princess Warrior Program

  • 2


    • How To Navigate This Course

    • Before you start on your Transformation...

  • 3

    Section 1: The Princess Warrior Physique

    • Chapter 1 – What It Takes To Achieve A Slim, Fit Body & Why It’s Different For Women

    • Chapter 2 - What It Takes & Why So Many Do It Wrong

  • 4

    Section 2: Training

    • Chapter 3 - Why Strength Training Will Allow You To Look Your Best In Any Outfit

    • Chapter 4 - The Best Exercises For Building A Slim, Fit & Toned Body

  • 5

    Section 3: The Workout Program

    • Chapter 5: The Logic Behind The Workout Program

    • Chapter 6: The Workout Program

    • Chapter 7: How To Accelerate Fat Loss Using Cardio

    • Princess Warrior Workout Demonstrations (Videos)

    • PW Workout Routine 2

  • 6

    Section 4: Nutrition

    • Chapter 8: The Proper Caloric Deficit

    • Chapter 9: Mastering Your Macros

    • Chapter 10: Determining Your Caloric Needs

    • Chapter 11: Creating Your Meal Plan

    • Chapter 12: Importance Of Leptin

    • Chapter 13: Having Flexibility Is Vital

  • 7

    Section 5: Advanced Strategies

    • Chapter 14: Additional Fasting Information (Important)

    • Chapter 15: A 24-Hour Fast

    • Chapter 16: Different Windows of Fasting

    • Chapter 17: Prolonged Fasting (24-72 Hours)

    • Chapter 18: Other Benefits of Fasting

  • 8

    Section 6: Wrapping Everything Together

    • Chapter 19: Conclusion

  • 9

    Princess Warrior Bootcamp

    • Day 1: Slow Down to Speed Up... Preparation is the Key to Success!

    • Day 2: What do you need to believe to get results? There’s FACTS, BELIEFS and then there’s the TRUTH!

    • Day 3: Who would you be if you already had the results you wanted? Commitment, Goals, Belief and Process.

    • Day 4 : Warrior MODE ON and Overwhelm OFF! Overwhelm means you’re learning something new.

    • Day 5: It’s Not Magic. It’s Math! Understanding Your MACROS… Mistakes, Tools, Tips & Tricks.

    • Day 6: You’re Stronger than YOU THINK! Beauty + Strength...Warrior method strength training & mindset.

    • Day 7: Measure, Monitor & Adjust...What's the ABSOLUTE sure way to fail? Quit! There's...No pass or fail. No good or bad. No right or wrong. There’s ONLY DATA!

    • Day 8: “Mangia”... Metabolic Adaptation Why YOUR REFEEDS are soooo IMPORTANT!

    • Day 9: It’s going to take the time it takes! How to trust the process when the process sucks.

  • 10

    7-Day RECHARGE

    • Should you do 7-Day RECHARGE?

    • Take the Quiz

    • What is the 7-Day RECHARGE?

  • 11

    CBL Supplement Guide

    • CBL Supplement Guide

  • 12


    • PW Goals & Checklist

    • PW Workout Tracker

    • PW Progress Tracker & Self Assessment

    • PW Calorie & Macro Calculator

    • Macro Food List

    • Plant Protein Source Guide

    • Lydia's Daily Glance

    • Macro Cheat Sheet

  • 13

    Warrior Lab FB Group

    • Join our Warrior Lab Facebook Group

  • 14

    Booty Focused Program

    • The Daily Drill

    • PW Booty Focused Training Program

    • Booty Phase One: Weeks 1-6

    • Booty Phase Two: Weeks 7-12

    • Booty Phase Three: Weeks 13-18

  • 15

    Bonus Workouts

    • Mini Band Warmup/Workout: Part 1

    • Mini Band Warmup/Workout: Part 2

    • At Home Workout w/Lydia (Legs)

    • At Home Workout w/Lydia (Upper Body & Abs)

    • At Home Workout w/Lydia (Legs & Abs)

    • PW Stretch Protocol

  • 16

    Exercise Tutorial Vault

    • Instructional Walkthrough Introduction

  • 17

    Chest Exercises

    • Incline Barbell Bench Press

    • Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

    • Flat Barbell Bench Press

    • Flat Dumbbell Bench Press

    • Incline Dumbbell Fly

    • Dips

    • Pushups

  • 18

    Back Exercises

    • Pull-up & Chin-up Variations

    • Single Arm Dumbbell Row

  • 19

    Biceps Exercises

    • Seated Dumbbell Curls

    • Seated Hammer Curls

    • Standing Dumbbell Curls

    • Standing Dumbbell Hammer Curls

  • 20

    Shoulder Exercises

    • Standing Barbell Shoulder Press

    • Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

    • Side Lateral Raise

    • Dumbbell Reverse Fly

  • 21

    Triceps Exercises

    • Dumbbell Skull Crushers

    • Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks

    • Single Arm Dumbbell Triceps Extension

  • 22

    Leg Exercises

    • Bulgarian Split Squat

    • Front Lunge

    • Reverse Lunge

    • Front Foot Elevated Split Squat

    • Step-Ups

    • Pistol Squat

    • Sumo Squat (Kettlebell)

    • Goblet Squat

    • Single Leg Hip Thrust

    • Barbell Squat

    • Sumo Squat (Barbell)

    • Sumo Deadlift

    • Romanian Deadlift

    • Conventional Deadlift

    • Trap (Hex) Bar Deadlift

  • 23

    Princess Warrior Program Guide

    • Princess Warrior Program Guide

  • 24


    • Warrior Mode 2021 Kick-Off

    • Warrior Mode Week 2

    • Warrior Mode Week 3

    • Warrior Mode Week 4

  • 25


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Hear from our Warriors

“As the daughter of a NFL Hall of Famer, training was always a way of life. As I aged those workouts resulted in injury. Princess Warrior gets the results without the stress. I actually, look forward to my workouts. It also had the key to unlock a lifetime of food guilt, binging and purging. Losing & gaining. The mind body connections the coaches helped me make, and the release of old mindsets toward food & health are among the amazing discoveries made. I’m free! ”


“The Princess Warrior Program has truly UNLEASHED the WARRIOR inside me! Let’s just say I have always been a “Princess” in the gym, now I’m a PRINCESS WARRIOR! Confident, strong, and present! I show up, I do the things, AND I come back! Never, before did all those things happen! PW makes this doable for anyone at any stage of the game!! ”


“The Princess Warrior Program has been life-changing for me. I had found that being in my late 40s, my body seemed to be different. I had gained a lot of extra weight, was experiencing persistent, daily acid reflux and joint pain, and just didn't feel confident. Since beginning this program, which is better described as an easily sustainable lifestyle, I no longer have any of these symptoms. The flexibility and ease of not having to cut out whole food groups or deprive myself, while still improving my health has truly changed how I look, and more importantly, how I feel! ”


“Ryan and Lydia are a treasure trove of information! I had been having severe mobility issues in my hips. They crafted a plan to help me with my mobility and supplementation to help my body. I am now fully able to complete the Princess Warrior workouts and am on my way to recovery for my hormonal imbalance! ”


If you’re ready to END your…

  • Cycle of being in & out of shape

  • Days in the kitchen meal prepping

  • Countless hours of training

  • Eating “diet” foods

  • Lack of a social life due to your “diet” and training schedule

  • Confusion ONCE & FOR ALL

Your Slim, Fit & Toned Body Is Waiting For You!

Purchase Princess Warrior Program and immediately receive your welcome email with everything you need to get download the plan and get started.

Warrior Bootcamp is our easy to follow coaching series that takes you through A-Z of understanding the Warriors Blueprint and how to effectively start your Transformation journey. Jumpstart your personal health goals. We’re here with you every step of the way.

Through your journey you will see radical results that boost your confidence and motivation to keep thriving with your personally designed lifestyle.


YOU DON'T HAVE TO choose between enjoying your life and feeling great about the skin you’re in.

YOU DON'T HAVE TO resort to unhealthy extremes, starvation diets, or boring meals to lose weight.

YOU DON'T HAVE TO keep feeling unhealthy, exhausted, or self-conscious about your body.

    and evolving with a positive mindset to learn, explore & grow every day.

    to show off your body in outfits that make you feel beautiful, sexy & attractive.

    food both you & your body loves without guilt or worry about your weight.

    the best possible version of yourself so you can go after everything you want in life with confidence.


CBL Expert Team

Ryan & Lydia Ebling

Ryan & Lydia Ebling are Certified Fitness Specialists (CFS), Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialists (CFNS) & Child Nutrition Specialists (CNS), owners of Complete Body Labs & passionate health strategist. They’ve both been in the fitness & weight loss industry for over 20 years having worked with & coached thousands of people to significant weight loss, body fat loss, muscle gained & health revived. They are former directors of a multi-million-dollar weight loss system in the network marketing/direct sales arena working both on the corporate side as well as in the field & in 2014 left that arena to work on their own. They have been fortunate to share their knowledge and expertise on radio, television, be featured in magazines & speak on some of the largest stages around the country both nationally & internationally. As you can imagine, having 20 plus years in this industry, they have experienced many different programs, products, supplements, techniques & protocols both as consumers as well as creators/developers for large companies and having worked with many medical professionals ranging from allied health professionals to surgeons. Ryan & Lydia both have deep-rooted passion for people & their health. They got tired of people buying into marketing rather than actual science, paying for overpriced marked up products and getting confused by all the different theories, items & gadgets available. They both believe health & fitness should be a part of your life but not control or consume your life. They love to share their FAITH and they love FOOD, having FUN & of course FITNESS.


Let us end all your concerns & confusion

  • What makes the Warrior Programs Different?

    1. It’s not designed to get you in shape for only a specific event, time or season. The Warrior Blueprint Fundamentals are designed to help you progress & advance through your journey. Your goals will change & so your bodies needs will change – calories, macros & fitness. By fully understanding this process, we’re setting you up for life never having to jump from program to program or having to get “back on track” again because you’re 100% in control. Providing lasting results... LIFETIME actually!

  • What if I can’t eat certain foods?

    2. The program is simple & can be followed even if you’re gluten-free, dairy free, meat free, soy free, corn free, etc. You have 100% control over the foods you eat each day, so you eat what YOU enjoy!

  • Do I have to have a gym membership?

    No... but having access to some weights is important. However, if possible… having a dedicated area (like a gym) would be helpful.

  • Do I have to eliminate certain foods or alcohol?

    Believe it or not... no! (You LIKE to eat! We get it... so do we!) Obviously, you want to avoid foods you’re intolerant to as much as possible… (kind of goes without saying but we said it anyways). You can forget about cutting carbs, eating boring food & meal prepping for the week... unless you like it, which might be strange but to each their own. No judging here. 😉 However, there is NO need for it when applying the proper strategies.

  • I don’t have a lot of time so can I still do this?

    Achieving the body you want should become part of your lifestyle, not the entire focus of your life. This program will actually free up your time, help you burn fat & build muscle in the proper areas all while enjoying your meals & having lots of time to live your life. Btw... who has a lot of time these days? Just making sure we weren't missing something. 😏

  • How long will I have to follow this program?

    We’re providing you with a complete plan with strategies & techniques you can use for the rest of your life. The best program is not only the one you will stick with but also the one that is enjoyable while providing you the results you want. You won’t be feeling like you’re on a diet... cause you’re not. You’ll learn how your body best uses & processes the foods you eat along with proper training strategies which is not something anyone should do for only a season or period of time.

  • How much weight (body fat) will I lose?

    This depends on your specific goal & what you want to lose in terms of body fat. You'll learn how to design your nutritional plan to provide you more freedom than you may be used to. One which allows you to enjoy all your favorite foods without having to choose between "perfect" eating or the body you want. You’ll be able to have BOTH!

  • What is the refund policy?

    Do to the nature of our business and this being a digital & downloadable program, if the request is made AFTER 2-hours of purchase OR if the system shows any part of the program has been downloaded, the program is NON-REFUNDABLE. Other Terms & Conditions: Online training courses may NOT be transferred to another individual. Orders placed with a “Discount Code” are NOT eligible for refund, cancellation or transfer. NO EXCEPTIONS.