Course curriculum

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    • What's Next?

    • Watch the full Live video training

  • 2

    Module 1: Getting It Right — How To Create Your VIP Day Payday (Resources and Downloads)

    • Whats Next Template

    • Done For You -Virtual Workshop

    • Done For You -VIP DAY Virtual Private Half Day Template

    • Done For You- VIP DAY Virtual Private 4 Calls Template

    • Done For You - Live Private VIP Day Template

    • Done For You - Live Group VIP Day Template

    • Done For You - Aha Sheet

    • VIP DAY Income Plan Template

    • Done For You - Income Flow Chart

    • Done For You VIP DAY Gifts Ideas

  • 3

    TRAINING MODULE #2: The ABCs of Designing Your VIP Days or Virtual Workshops – Step by Step

    • Done For You - VIP DAY Title Template (Brainstorm Ideas)

    • Done For You - VIP Day Creation Template

  • 4

    TRAINING MODULE #3: How To Seal The Deal: Step By Step, Secrets To Creating An Irresistible Vip Day Offer & Confidently Pricing Your Expertise

    • 6 Step VIP Day Pricing Template

    • 6 Step VIP Day Pricing Guide

    • VIP DAY Pricing Example

    • VIP Day Pricing Dos and Dont's


  • 5

    TRAINING MODULE 4: Putting It All Together: Organizing, Delivering and Streamlining Your VIP Day

    • Sample What to Pack Email Template

    • VIP DAY Sample Welcome Letter Template

    • VIP Day Supplies Checklist

    • Step by Step VIP Day Delivery Checklist