Discover A Proven 4 Step Profits System To Become a High Level Coach, with High Level Paying Clients in 1 DAY!

We are  going to show you step by step, how to design, develop, and price your VIP Days (both live and virtual) so you can begin serving clients with exciting, fulfilling and highly profitable VIP Days.

 When you implement what we show you with this course, you'll be able to quickly attract your first VIP Day clients and bring in revenue fast (you can do this even if you don't have a list or website, and even if you’re already busy).

During this Intensive You Will Shave YEARS OFF YOUR LEARNING CURVE (so that you save time, energy, money, trying to put this together on your own. 

When you enroll today you will GET IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO:

  • Over 15 DONE FOR YOU downloadable forms, scripts, templates, checklists,  and more (that you can use and implement into your own business - so you can put this into action quickly without having to figure out all the things that make this whole system work)

  • FULL 2.5 HOUR video online training

  • 50+ Page Course Guide and Manual

    *****100% online training

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What's included?

1 Multimedia
1 Text
21 PDFs

Here's what's included in Design & Develop Your High Level VIP Days (quick profits training):

TRAINING MODULE #1: How To Create Your VIP Day Payday

You’ll start right, by getting a behind-the-scenes reveal of how to plan your VIP Day paydays. This module is all about the income. With this you’ll feel confident that you have the simple details totally handled, about what adding VIP Days to your business looks like.

Here's a peek at what you’ll discover in this module:

  • The 4 different types of VIP Days and specific ways each can add income to your business

  • 3 creative strategies for leveraging your VIP Days to rapidly add clients to your business

  • How to seamlessly add VIP Days to any existing programs you may have, automatically increasing their value and making you more sales

  • How to set your VIP Day services apart from your regular services so you don’t risk giving away too much of YOU

  • The #1 thing you must NEVER include with your VIP Day else you could end up sabotaging your business for months to come

  • A cool mindset visualization that will powerfully connect you with the value of your VIP Days so that you feel unstoppable and confident

  • Simple "stick" strategies that work beautifully to keep your VIP client excited about your upcoming VIP Day together

  • and more!

BONUS: Includes your Personalized VIP Day Income Plan template, a Minute-by-Minute done-for-you template of how to run your live or virtual VIP Day (simply fill in the blanks and you're ready to go), a Minute-by-Minute done-for-you template for running group VIP Days (awesome for leveraging your time in a big way), plus many more exciting checklists and templates!

TRAINING MODULE #2: The A-Z of Designing Your VIP Days or Virtual Workshops - Step by Step

This module shows you how to quickly transforms your expertise into a highly marketable VIP Day that delivers awesome value and staying completely clear of overwhelm or any temptation to over-deliver. What a relief! At the end of this module you’ll have your VIP Day design DONE.

Here's a peek at what you’ll discover in this module:

  • The 4 styles of VIP Days and how to easily choose which one will work best for you

  • How to quickly and easily create the perfect amount of VIP Day content, without over delivering and without overwhelm

  • How to create an attention grabbing title

  • Simple secrets for creating handouts and exercises that your clients will love and that only take minutes to create

  • Which bonuses are a must to include, that only cost pennies to provide

  • and more!

BONUS: Includes our signature VIP Day Creation Template, making it easy for you to design your VIP Day step by step, plus exciting checklists!

TRAINING MODULE #3:  Step by Step, Secrets to Creating an Irresistible VIP Day Offer & Confidently Pricing Your Expertise

You’ll learn everything you need to confidently handle the money piece of your VIP Days like a pro because it’s all spelled out for you. This module is all about the money magic, which means you’re going to feel prepared, ready and confident to quickly start signing on VIP Day clients.

Here's a peek at what you’ll discover in this module:

  • Step by step, exactly what to charge so you feel confident about your fee and you’re not selling yourself short

  • Pricing secrets that inspire your clients to pay in full

  • How to confidently discuss your fees

  • When to offer a payment plan, and when it's critical to skip offering this option

  • How to easily eliminate any concern that “my clients won’t pay more”

  • The one document you must have your VIP Day client sign before delivering anything

  • How to gracefully ensure a VIP Day client doesn’t back out and cancel their day

  • When it makes sense to post your fees online (and when it’s a big no-no!)

  • The one simple step to ensure you're properly set up to accept larger fees

  • The one time where it may not pay off to accept credit cards as your VIP Day fees climb higher

  • The super simple secret to inspiring your clients to sign up for more services with you, beyond just your one day

  • Word-for-word, what to say IN your VIP Day that makes it authentic and easy for your VIP Day client to say ‘YES” to continue working with you

  • and more!

BONUS: Includes done-for-you 6-step pricing template, a checklist of 10 pricing do’s and don’ts, sample VIP Day client agreement, exactly what to say– and when to say it – to keep your client working with you beyond your day, plus many more exciting checklists and templates!

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TRAINING MODULE #4: Organizing, Delivering and Streamlining Your VIP Day

This module makes it easy for you to show up for your VIP Day (either live or virtually) feeling calm, confident and ready to deliver amazing value for your client.

Here's a peek at what you’ll discover in this module:

  • How to offer a red carpet VIP Day experience on a shoe-string budget, ensuring that your client has an amazing experience with you (whether your VIP Day is live or virtual) and that has them raving about you to their friends and colleagues.

  • What you definitely want to email your client when they sign up, keeping their enthusiasm high

  • What steps to follow to make your VIP Days run smoothly and position you as calm, relaxed and powerful in your energy

  • and more!

BONUS: Includes done-for-you sample checklists, sample welcome letter, welcome email, plus many more exciting checklists and templates!


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