MM Academy Health Coach Certification

MM Academy Master Course: Health Coach Certification


Health Talk & Diet Facts w/ Lydia Martinez Ebling

During this exclusive webinar you'll be able to end the diet roller coaster and get lifetime results. You'll get the 4 principles to healthy effective weight loss, design your roadmap to a personalized supplement plan, and even leave more empowered.


VIP Signature Course | Signature Workshop Creation Program

Your signature coaching program is the key to becoming a respected thought leader in your area of expertise. It’s your foundation and the first big step to creating passive income, gain leverage, save time, and create a coaching business you love.


The Recovery Recipe

In this 3 part session learn what happens to your body under stress, how to identify your personal stress issue and start your recovery recipe process.


Ready Set Grow: How High Level Coaches Work smarter, Not harder

This series will help you plan your entire year, get clarity on when you’ll launch your programs, deliver high-value content that builds relationships, and earn the money you deserve because this isn’t just any plan–it’s the most profitable planning


DESIGN & DEVELOP YOUR HIGH LEVEL VIP DAY : Discover the exact Processes to Becoming a High Level Coach, with High Level Paying Clients

Learn these things and so much more: Sales and Closing Path (for High Level Clients) Client Coaching Strategies for optimal results How to run VIP and VIP Retreats ++++